Welcome to the most creative place – Kapana!

Great, you’re already here, but there is a question every visitor of the city faces: “Where should I stay?” We’ll try to answer you or at least make your choice easier. 

Hipster Hostel never sleeps

If you want to feel the district’s soul, the right direction for you is Hipster Hostel. It’s the newest colourful and fresh addition to the places where you can stay. The hostel doesn’t sleep for a moment, and smiles are the means of exchange not only for the guests’ good mood, but for that of everyone around. Extremely fresh, like a freshly squeezed orange, its walls are filled with paintings and vinyl records, while at the very entrance they welcome you with an improvised garden and badminton. 

For the lovers of architecture and history – OldPlovdivHotel

You like coziness and comfort? If you’re a fan of sauna, steam bath and gym – this is the place for you! Combining unique architecture, fashion design and history, OldPlovdivHotel will ensure you a great adventure in the city under the hills. It’s an interesting fact that before the hotel was built, there has been a mosque on the site, while even before that – a synagogue. Also, a part of the minaret which was there earlier has been preserved.

With a tanned body, but not at the seaside, rather at Bright house

Other than the wonderful apartments you’ll be accommodated in, Bright house has a great sunbed that will take care of your skin and at the end of your stay you’ll look tastier than a Lindor. Who said that beautiful skin is only to be shown at the beach?

Only the size is minimalistic at Hotel Mini

Mini-, mini-, minimalism. The only minimalistic thing at Hotel Mini is the staircase leading to the separate rooms. Loaded with paintings and sculptures, the hotel is rather an original mini gallery displaying different artists under one roof. If you want to see everything exhibited in the hotel, make as much time, as you’d spend at a gallery. You’ll need it. The aggressive black colour is a strong contrast to the worm attitude and attention you’ll be covered with here.

Central Hotel is at the center of all events

We’re already at the end of the art district Kapana. At the border between Kapana and the actual center of Plovdiv is Central Hotel, which doesn’t have that name by chance. A wonderful family hotel, you need to book your room weeks in advance, because its location is much preferred by the guests of the city, which is a knife with two edges. Its location in the central part of the city under the hills is the exact reason why the hotel doesn’t have a parking lot that you can use, if you arrive by car.

Dafi – big and at core of Kapana

A hotel with long history and countless clients – Dafi. Other than being situated in the core of Kapana, the hotel has a eye for art and is decorated with works of art of notable painters, each one more marvelous than the previous. Add to this the salad bar and resorant ‘Megdana’ (The Square), which are part of the hotel. If you’re a fan of healthy diets, Bulgarian cuisine, nice atmosphere and service – Dafi is available. 

For Bulgarian - click here - Капана спи (понякога)

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